Tuesday, January 18, 2011

N.e.w. L.i.f.e.!

A new beginning in new year 2011.
Hope everything just fine!
I try to be different
to be better!
Change everything attitude, behavior, and thought!
Step up to the next level.
I just want to be a good good son, and friend to family and friends!
May ALLAH bless me, family and friends!
Enjoy your life, remember ALLAH s.w.t

Monday, January 17, 2011


Working Pressure! Yes Undeniable!!
But still under control! Positive attitude!
Well working nature! Can't AVOID!
Especially as a Supervisor that have a lot of commitment
and tasks! Being HATE by people around!
Like it or not I have to carry out my duty!
It's my responsibility!
Even i have to face a lot of human behavior
Sometimes I'm tired, Sometimes I'm feel offended!
Feel like want to give up!
but i strengthen my hearts!
I can't be defeated by all this factors!
I have to be STRONG to success!
Until when?
i don't know..
Please give me moral support!


Manusia berubah!
Aku juga.
Aku cuba menjadi manusia yg lebih baik
dari segala mcm segi.
Aku akan cuba sedaya upaya aku.
Semoga ALLAH s.w.t sentiasa disisi
memberkati & menerangi jalan hidupku!


p/s:-ketenangan dicari kini kutemui!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

I'm BACK!!

First of all i would like to wish the viewers
I hope it's not too late!
May this new year brings you
happiness & prosperity!
back for good. heh~