Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Finally i hv my own career as supervisor at one of the biggest
shopping complex a.k.a mall around Kuala Lumpur!
I dun want 2 mention the mall names
but u can figure it out by yourself..haha..
some of my friends already know where i work.
Its not that i want to make it secret but i noe u will find me anyway..
bcoz of the mall popularity!! haha..
So if u see me, greet me!
i'm afraid dat i bz so i dun notice u..
so u guys start 1st..

hmm btw i noe this career is not related to my Diploma! but u noe
nowdays we can't be choosy..juz grab da opportunity no matter what!
as long as in the end of month u get salary!
but for me salary is important but what is much important is

i will work here 4 a long term ( if ALLAH willing )
except the GOVERNMENT offer me a job
so i will quit..
ok all..

Monday, September 28, 2009

S.e.l.a.m.a.t. H.a.r.i. R.a.y.a. A.i.d.i.l.f.i.t.r.i.~!!

1st RAYA

- wake up at 8 something

- dun go 4 "Solat Raya"...takut xsempat, wat malu jerk

- membe dtg raya umah ( epiq & bidin )

g raya umah membe lepas org abes solat...

- g raya umah sedara blah bapak & mak ( 1 kuantan je )

- terima brite makcik aku (blah mak) involve in an accident ( alhamdulillah org ok, kete parah )

- lepak kat umah arwah tok aku ( blah mak ) smpai mlm..

- balik umah tido..

2nd RAYA

- duk umah smpai kul 12 lebih..boring

- mak wat keje dapur + dad tido..letih katanya..

- kul 1 go to town wit my adik bucuk.. ( b'2 je ) tgk cite momok the muvee..

- aku bli spenda & stokin ( abes rm50)

- banje adik buchuk ku KFC..

- g raya umah ina kul 10.p.m

- g raya umah am kul 11.p.m

- lepak coffee street ngan tina, ina, zida, am, zureen smpai kul 3 pg..

at am's house
photo by me

3rd RAYA

- stay at home doing nothing

- sent my mother to my late grandmother's house...

- my mother cooked "Mee Bandung"

- my frens come to my house to raya ( Faizal & Ejo )

- 8.00 p.m something lepak at Taj ( mapley) wit frens planning 4 2morrow agenda

- go to Giant buy chicken & some stuff to bbq

- lepak lg kat taman guru minum2..

- smbung lepak kat tepi umah ejo smpai kul 2pg++

4th RAYA

- wake up at 7 a.m something

- go to teluk chempedak for bbq / xmandi coz mls nk salin pakaian

- blk umah kul 12 ++

- kul 2 p.m gerak g Megamall tgk 2 muvee Final Destination 4 / Gamerz

- abez muvee g mkn KFC

- jln2 then kul 8p.m ++ balik umah...

-kul 9 something g cc selama 3 jam..

- balik umah tido


cukuplah aku cite smpai raya ke4 je...ok
more pic raya kat myspace!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

2.9.t.h. R.A.M.A.D.H.A.N.~!!

Today was our last day i kemas2 rumah..hias2 rumah ( mls nk speaking london )!! tgk VMA ( Video Music Award 2009 )...kwn msg duit gaji masuk...happy..senyum smpai ke telinga! bla3..

kul 10++ mlm membe msj ajk lepak...mlm raya tu hujan...maybe sbb nk smbut 1st syawal kot.. hmm g tc ( teluk chempedak ) lepak kat McD.. sembang2 smpai kul 2 3 pg.. balik umah tido..
ok muahahaa...bye!! hahah


2.8.t.h. R.A.M.A.D.H.A.N.~!!

My 1st puasa at my hometown wit my family...i juz stay at my home wathcing tv, play wit my younger bro.. At 6.30 p.m i go out to bank to check my salary, then i turn back to my home waiting for "berbuka".. so dat my 28th ramadhan..nothing special happened!

2.7.t.h. R.A.M.A.D.H.A.N.~!!

Although now is 4th Raya, but i juz wanted 2 finished all ramadhan today i got free time to on9.. u noe wimax are not available at my place!! What the!! so i hv 2 on9 at cybercafe!!

so for 27th Ramadhan ( Thursday )...i slept at 5 a.m in the morning bcoz dat day i will back 2 my i packed up all my necessary stuff, wash the dirty cloth bla3x..& for the 1st time i go out 4 "bersahur"...

So i woke up at 8 a.m, bla3..waiting 4 bus to Menara Maybank in front of Puduraya! Take lrt to KLCC, meet my frens to wish "selamat hari raya" & to collect my cheque ( salary )!

Actually today ( 17 Sept ) so many problems happened, my cousin postponed the time, i can't take my cheque bcoz of the procedurs! bla3... can u imagine, my cousin picked me at 3 p.m something! I wait 4 her bout 4 hours...damn tired & sleepy!! But u noe how patient i am.. "setiaku menunggu" at Wangsa Maju Lrt Stesen! Forget bout it..

So during our journey "balik kampung" i dun slept at all, talking, chatting, boraking..hahaha..
i arrived at my home at 6.50 i breaking fasting wit my family...alhamdulillah selamat sampai!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

2.6.t.h. R.A.M.A.D.H.A.N.~!!

Today i wake up at 10 a.m coz i hv something to do..guess what?? Shopping lol~!! hahaa.. So i take bath & prepare to go out..i met my fren at Times Square b4 we left to Sg. Wang!! At there i bought 1 piece of shirt only ( SODA )...suddenly i've met someone dat i noe at myspace! I dunno if he noticed me or not but i totally noe him!! then i went to Masjid Jamek ( Masjid India ) to find my 'Baju Melayu'.. After a few round here & there, finally i found my 'Baju Melayu'..silver color!! Hmm but i luv both 'baju melayu'..i dunno how 2 explain the color!! so i hv 2 decided which one!! if i have a lot of money, i dun mind to buy both!!! hmm.. & i also bought other stuff such as belt bla3... Then we decided to go to KLCC... bcoz of the time still earlier, so i ask my frens to watch muvee. After a few thinking, we chose to watch 'GI joe'... Althought it was an old muvee..( not dat old ), but both of us never watch the muvee, beside dat the time is almost near, so we bought da ticket & straight away to the cinema...

So at 6.30 we out from cinema & find a place to sit at the food court!! Its hard bcoz all the table almost full...but we are lucky or maybe by coincidence there a few "cina" left the table & we get it! So i eat 'Sizzling Me wit Ice Lemon tea' ...alhamdulillah~!!

After breaking fasting we continue shopping, i bought 'kasut' & 2 pieces of shirt!! Altogether 4 today around rm400 only...k la..bye!!

p/s:- I'll going back to my hometown dis Thursday 17/9/2009 11.00 a.m!!! so




2.5.t.h. R.A.M.A.D.H.A.N.~!!

Yes finally i woke up in the afternoon at 1.10 p.m!! Unfotunately today wimax not functionable! i dunno y?? maybe da satelite was exploded!! hahaa.. So i plan to b'buka puasa wit my frens.. hmm unfortunately he's bz!! he said he has its ok..all dis while..after 4 years be fren, we never breaking fasting together-gether!! and dis year its happened again..maybe its our fate..!!

So, i want or not i have to break fasting wit my housemate...we went to bazar Pandan Indah Ampang Jaya.. i bought Nasi Ayam Hainan, Popia Basah, Kebab Ayam & Air tembikai!! all together rm10.50! haha well i never woke up to sahur eat all in da nite b4 sleeping..hehe..

k la..i hv 2 post 4 two entry bcoz of stupidess wimax!! what a !!!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

24.t.h. R.A.M.A.D.H.A.N.~!!

I thought i can wake up late in the afternoon, unfortunately it was 10a.m in the morning++!! Arghh why i can't continue sleep?? I'm so damn tired! When i see my housemate, it would be nice if i could sleep like them.. Now they still sleeping while me updating blog..hahaa...But dun misunderstand.. they sleep bcoz they work in the afternoon..1.00p.m! Shift working maa...

What am i going to do rite now..i'm jobless once again..haha! Count days to go back to my hometown Kuantan... 3 days left! hmm btw can u give some opinion bout my baju melayu color??
maybe today or tomorrow i will go to Masjid India Or Jln T.A.R to buy my baju melayu..

K la..i will continue later..i want to play poker palace.."SELAMAT BERPUASA"...

23.r.d. R.A.M.A.D.H.A.N.~!!

Hmm today i wake up more earlier 8.30 am..(awal kew??).. hahah..Today is my last day work at KLCC..bcoz my contract is until 13 September 2009...means today..hmm i really sad coz my relationship with them juz like a family even i juz know them...they all very sporting & open minded... The Management do ask me to continue but i refused bcoz of Hari Raya Festive..i want back to my hometown..i miss my hometown so much.. i miss my family..i want 2 breaking fasting wit them... but the Human Resource Department do ask for my Diploma result..hope they will called me back.. i dun mind what position as long as the salary over RM1k++..hahah....

Once again "Kak Siti" pay my "Nasi Putih Ayam Goreng Kunyit"... thanx kak..even i already gave her rm5 & she refused by putting my rm5 in my "baju"..geli dowh!! aku sensitive!! hahaha... So i find my drink..i bought F&N (Fruit Tree Fresh) Orange Flavoured with Nata De Coco 1Litre, Milo Wafer & 2 pieces of Donut!!

Btw i'm going back 2 my hometown dis coming thursday 17/09/2009 in the evening... ok la pray for me..for my journey to the east..!! hope nothing bad happen!! Bye all..muahahaa...

p/s:- xbli lg baju raya..hmm

Saturday, September 12, 2009

22.n.d. R.A.M.A.D.H.A.N.~!!

I wake up at 8.45 in the morning..oh gosh i'm u noe la how my a marathon, pick up my towel & take a bath..bla3...u think urself..

At work, i'm so sleepy all day...bcoz of yesterday (read blog 21st ramadhan!!).. hmm forget bout work...!

Today i go to bazar ramadhan buy food! I breaking fasting wit "Nasi Kukus Ayam Dara".. "Agar2 Pandan" "Kuey Melaka" "Cara-Cara Lauk"...Too many huh?? hahaha..Well gemock kn!

K la dat's all..bye..muahahaa..

p/s:- its the counter rite?? 11940!!! what the..hahah

Friday, September 11, 2009

21.s.t. R.A.M.A.D.H.A.N.~!!

i'm so damn tired today...bcoz of some of people absent, mc!! i'm alone working in the morning.. not enough floor coverage...hmm so i hv to do all the work alone..waiting for noon staff she wit me in the evening until closing...the sales was ok..above rm2k++ ( my counter only)....

She so kind today paid for my food during the breaking fasting...she feel sorry for me coz she noe how tired i am..hahaha..

hmm k la..nothing to share..i've lost my idea..tired..sleepy bla3...

k bye..! muahahaa..

Thursday, September 10, 2009

20.t.h. R.A.M.A.D.H.A.N.~!!

I dunno what to share wit juz like another day..!! I spent rm70++ today buy man's stuff + f & B...

Today i eat "Nasi Putih Ayam Goreng Kunyit" again wit Soya Red Bean during the breaking fasting!!

k la..nothing much to say...i leave u here wit flying kiss...hahaa..muahaha..

p/s:- i miss my hometown so much!! ;-(

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

1.9.t.h. R.A.M.A.D.H.A.N.~!!

Suddenly i write in English..last post also in English..haha..well, i'm trying to improve my English! It's been a while i wrote in Bahasa i'm back..haha..practice makes perfect..chill ;)

So for today i want to do Aidil's tagged! I'm not so sure if Firdaus in Aidil's answer question 20. "Tag Kepada" is me! ( check Aidil's blog)... So i decided to do it even the "firdaus" wasnt refer to me! hahaa...

1.kalau anda jadi org terkaye didunia?
i want 2 open a house that place abandoned child/ orphanage
( i luv kids so much)

2. kalau anda jadi orang terseksi didunia?
I will go naked around the beach...hahaha!!!

3. kalau anda perlu terjun dr tingkat ke- 100 untuk membuktikan cinta anda?
Crazy + Ridiculous + Stupid = NO

4.kalau orang kate blog awak teruk nk mampos?
Make ur own blog & let me judge!!
Go to hell, who ask u 2 read my blog..
get out ur fucking ass from my page!!

5.kalau keluarga anda yg tentukan teman idup anda?
Depends..but nowday, its rarely for parents to determine their child match!

6.kalau tiada lagi hari esok?
It means dat i'm b4 dat i apologize to everyone..the most important i repent!

7.kalau orang yg anda benci berade didepan anda?
Doing Nothing!!!

8. kalau anda berpeluang masok Fear Factor dan makan bnde2 pelik?
As long as dat food HALAL!!

9.kalau ibubapa anda tiada pada pagi esoknya?
Hmm i dunno, hope not happen to me!!

10.kalau anda berjumpa dengar artis/selebriti yg paleng anda minati.nyatakan nama artis tersebut dan sebabnya?
Too many but i prefer Ziana Zain & Avenged Sevefold -they are superb!!

11.kalau diberi lesen untuk membunuh, siapa yg akan anda bunoh?
Aidil bcoz he tagged me!! hahahaha ( juz kidding ) -
no lah..impossible..i'm not dat evil!!

12.kalau orang kate anda kacak/chantek?
She/He blind!!!! haha..

13.kalau anda ada penyakit AIDS pada usia muda?
hmm i dunno either...accept fate!!

14.kalau anda terpakse mengorbankan cinta anda untuk orang lain?
Depends..but i will fight for my love!!

16.kalau anda berpeluang mengahwini benda selain manusia, benda apa yang anda inginkan?
Erhmm Angel ;-)

17. kalau anda terpaksa berpisah dengan orang tersayang?
Hmm i dun mind..i use 2 it!!

18.kalau ramai yang tidak puas hati dengan anda kerana mereka cemburu dengan anda?
Hello, i hv nothing to be jealous!!! i'm not handsome, rich..i hv no talent!!

19.Mengenai orang yang tag kamu neh?
My frens Aidil..nice, kind, generous & handsome...hahaha

20.tag kepade
Epul, Epi, Dalf, Che Nad, Apex bla3..


today i eat nasi putih ayam goreng kunyit and the coolest water Peel Fresh.. Not forgetting the karipap & tepung pelita..dat all for 19th ramadhan..hahaa..

Monday, September 7, 2009

18.t.h. R.A.M.A.D.H.A.N.~!!

Today is my off day which mean i can wake up late in the afternoon but unfortunately i got stomach ache! So i wake up early in the morning, 9 a.m something to "cherry berry"...arghh still in the morning, coz i thought today i'm gonna wake up at 12 or 1 p.m...i have a problem which is i can't continue sleep after i woke up! i switch on my Wimax and Laptop...i dunno what to do.. it still early...Later i will washing my dirty cloths..and staying at my room for hours playing poker palace..i aslo think of going 2 cinema watching final Destination 4...but i remember dat my housemate planning to watch it next week b4 we all gone back to our Kampung for Raya!! Saying bout raya festive, i'm planning to buy so many thing such as Baju Melayu, 2 or 3 of shirts, 1 or 2 of pants...2 shoes...1 cardigan...1 bag! but when i do the calculation i hv to spend about rm700++!! So i decided to cut some of the things...maybe i only buy Baju Melayu & shoes only! Enough for the 1st money in the bank! Really hope someone will sponsor me...hahaa...hmm dis all for this mornin'..i'll continue back later...i wish u all "HAPPY FASTING".. May ALLAH Bless U!

p/s:- give me some opinion bout my Baju Melayu Color...??

Sunday, September 6, 2009

17.t.h. R.A.M.A.D.H.A.N.~!!

Hai semua...b'jumpa lg kita didalam ramadhan-17..hahaa...arini awal aku bgon demi nk post blog! Lgpun arini xpyh basuh baju coz esok esok la basuh...hope arini segar la ye..xnk lemau2 lg.. haha... Semlm aku tido lewat gak 2.40 a.m cam2...ada kesilapan teknikal sket..! Aku amat b'harap sgt mimpi yg best2 menjelma tp tah xde pun...aku tido mampus..!! klu umah t'bakar hangus je aku dlm umah tu. Penat la katakan...aku xtaw la puasa aku ni cmne..coz sahur xpernah nk bgon....dah aku nk wat cmne?? if bgon pun nk mkn apa?? so better xpyh bgon..Yg kat atas tu maksud t'sirat dr nama aku...aku wat kat facebook...btol @ x anda yg bg aku cam btol je..hahaha!! Aku edit gmbr kat atas tu dgn suka suki aku..different dr bentuk asl facebook.. ko taw la kn cmne kat facebook..korang g tgk sendiri kat facebook aku cmne susunan tu...xbest!! mohdnu (atas) rfirda (tengah) us (bawah).. so cam kelakar..tu aku edit bg elok...k la u oll "SELAMAT BERPUASA"...


Hari ini menu tuk b'buka different sket..Mee Goreng Mamak..Air Peel Fresh Mango! Hmm syg nya mee tu xbesh..xde ayam pun..juz mee, telur, tauhu..ape kejadahnya..?? aku mkn xabes la.. seb bek ada kuey karipap & keria..kuey pun mahal 2 bijik = RM1..!! saiz sama je..lepas mkn spt biasa b'sembang2..gelak setan br masuk keje balik..fuhh lega, sok plak cutii...voley bangon lmbt. hahaa..k r c u later..muahahahaa

Saturday, September 5, 2009

16.t.h. R.A.M.A.D.H.A.N.~!!

Alhamdulillah...da 16 hari umat islam b'puasa...t'masuk aku juga...xpernah ponteng lg...xde sbb mau ponteng kn...lgpun ni la masanya nk kurang kn berat badan...hmm k la t aku smbung k.. aku nk g kerja..da lewat neh..papepun "SELAMAT BERPUASA"....

Ntah knp hari ini aku xde tenaga, mood mau kerja...smpai ada org kata "kau ni kenapa??..xbgon tido lg ek??" "lemau la ko ni"... bla3..aku pun xtaw kenapa...arini mmg aku cam xbtol sket... haha. wat keje lembab..menguap 800x..hahaa..smpai aku t'pk nk bukak pose nk pose.. penat lemah lemau sume kau org taw la aku kn..wlpn cam2..aku ttp ceria..wat lwk bodoh. gelak setan tu perkara bese...yg kelakarnya siap ada org kata "ko xmkn ubat ye arini".. hahaha.. then hari ini ada p'kara plg mengejutkan aku.. adalah kwn aku sorang neh beria2 mau taw aku kerja kat mana...bgs2 je die kn..hahaha..pdn muka xjumpa cari aku... ;-p

Hmm arini aku kembali kpd menu lama...Nasi dage..badak berendam!! then membe bg paru dlm erti kata lain "lempung"... best la jgk..air xperlu la mention...korang yg duk ngan famili mesti meriah kn b'buka..mcm2 ada..aku terasa nk mkn murtabak kat kuantan la..kat sini xbest... da la kecik mahal xsedap plak tuu.. hahaha..k la bye!! mUahahaah..

p/s:- pntg ke nk taw aku keje kat mane???

Friday, September 4, 2009

15.t.h. R.A.M.A.D.H.A.N.~!!

t ye aku cite..nk g keje lu..Selamat berpuasa!!!


aku g keje td agak lewat...coz semlm tido kul 3pg...ngantok yg teramat!! bgon pun lewat 8.45... basuh baju lg...9.20a a.m br nk gerak ke tmpt kje..smpai la dlm 9.30!! 10 min je.. tp sbb kene punch card sblum 9.50 a.m tu yg gelabah tetek tuuu..hahaha...

Then Hari ini aku sekali lg b'buka dgn nasi kukus ayam la!! padan ngan harga die rm6!! air soya kotak besar ros flavoured.. ala yg soya warna pink tu...bkn minum abes yerrr..!! minum suku je...katanya!! hahaha...Hari ini b'buka dgn meriah sekali coz ada lawak antarabangsa yg diwat oleh aku sendiri... disupport oleh 2 3 org...apalg gelak SETAN laaa...abes 1 kantin tu b'gema dgn gelak aku...smpai sume org org gile..smpai merah2 muka... kne marah pun ada.. hahah! tp ttp over...smpai stop jap mkn..ada yg ketawa smpai mengalir air mata.. mmg lwk! k la ...xlarat nk cite lebih lnjut...nk maen poker palace...hahaha..bye muahahaha

14.t.h. R.A.M.A.D.H.A.N.~!!

Hmm hari ini aku bgon lewat lg...kul 8.30..mula la gelabah..mandi 15min je...kuar gosok baju..siap2, yg kelakarnya sempat lg on9 myspace tuu..dpt la reply komen 2 3 org...hari ini ada sale..meriah la tmpt aku keje tu ngan customer2...hmm penat gile aku...hari ini aku dibelanja lg oleh 2 org yg baik hati..kakak2 kat tmpt keje la..sorang belanja mknan b'buka..sorang lg belanja biskut yg mahal tu.. krn ada org belanjaso santapan aku kali ini adalah Nasi Kukus Ayam Dara.. rm6! Best gak...nk lg rasanya..hahaha...yg sorang lg belanja dessert beskut rm10.90... beskut luar negara katanya.. hmm best gak la..terasa chip chocolate die tuuu...hope Allah murahkan rezeki mereka2 yg blanja aku. Amin~!! terima kasih xterhingga buat mereka....siap kengkawan yg lain kata "bertuah ko"... so mmg aku rasa b'tuah semenjak kerja kat sini...rasa cam nk keje trus smpai akhir hayat..hahaa.. so aku wat kptsn sambung kontrak kerja start 1.10.2009...aku da isi form..xtaw la terima ke x... hope dpt jaga counter yg sama la...coz staf2 kat situ gempak gile..baik hati...bla3...hmm hope hub. yg dibina ini kukuh buat selamanya...xnk la ada salah faham @ pape yg xbest b'laku...biarlah aku & teman sekerja erat smpai bile2...k la...