Wednesday, September 16, 2009

2.6.t.h. R.A.M.A.D.H.A.N.~!!

Today i wake up at 10 a.m coz i hv something to do..guess what?? Shopping lol~!! hahaa.. So i take bath & prepare to go out..i met my fren at Times Square b4 we left to Sg. Wang!! At there i bought 1 piece of shirt only ( SODA )...suddenly i've met someone dat i noe at myspace! I dunno if he noticed me or not but i totally noe him!! then i went to Masjid Jamek ( Masjid India ) to find my 'Baju Melayu'.. After a few round here & there, finally i found my 'Baju Melayu'..silver color!! Hmm but i luv both 'baju melayu'..i dunno how 2 explain the color!! so i hv 2 decided which one!! if i have a lot of money, i dun mind to buy both!!! hmm.. & i also bought other stuff such as belt bla3... Then we decided to go to KLCC... bcoz of the time still earlier, so i ask my frens to watch muvee. After a few thinking, we chose to watch 'GI joe'... Althought it was an old muvee..( not dat old ), but both of us never watch the muvee, beside dat the time is almost near, so we bought da ticket & straight away to the cinema...

So at 6.30 we out from cinema & find a place to sit at the food court!! Its hard bcoz all the table almost full...but we are lucky or maybe by coincidence there a few "cina" left the table & we get it! So i eat 'Sizzling Me wit Ice Lemon tea' ...alhamdulillah~!!

After breaking fasting we continue shopping, i bought 'kasut' & 2 pieces of shirt!! Altogether 4 today around rm400 only...k la..bye!!

p/s:- I'll going back to my hometown dis Thursday 17/9/2009 11.00 a.m!!! so





countess_anne said...

your friend??? hmmmmmmm hahahahahhahahaha hepi hari raya .... miss you buddy...

- mista dausz - said...

of coz la,,
my dearest fren..
miss u 2..