Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Finally i hv my own career as supervisor at one of the biggest
shopping complex a.k.a mall around Kuala Lumpur!
I dun want 2 mention the mall names
but u can figure it out by yourself..haha..
some of my friends already know where i work.
Its not that i want to make it secret but i noe u will find me anyway..
bcoz of the mall popularity!! haha..
So if u see me, greet me!
i'm afraid dat i bz so i dun notice u..
so u guys start 1st..

hmm btw i noe this career is not related to my Diploma! but u noe
nowdays we can't be choosy..juz grab da opportunity no matter what!
as long as in the end of month u get salary!
but for me salary is important but what is much important is

i will work here 4 a long term ( if ALLAH willing )
except the GOVERNMENT offer me a job
so i will quit..
ok all..

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