Friday, October 29, 2010

S.w.e.e.t. M.e.m.o.r.y.!

another DIFFERENT story!
distance friendship!!
a friend of mine!
very close! i "LOVE" him!
he nice, kind, caring, handsome bla3..
but unfortunately it's just happened in a short period..
it's all my fault!! i am the one to BLAME- again!!
SEE ~ how bad i am?

Actually i was wondering what he's doing..
i already text him but no reply!
not bcoz he's hate me! maybe
last time i heard from him..
he is sick!! CANCER!!
i hope he's fine..
be strong!
may ALLAH bless him..
hmm =|


another story.
i'm losing..
i'm a freak!!
i miss u so much..
i can't deny it..
throw away my ego..
NAH~ i'm sms'ing u..
do i apologize..?
NO! is that necessary?
it just happened naturally..
am i still mad!! YES..
but u noe me..
i'm weak!

maybe i'm too KIND..

G.o.o.d. & B.a.d. N.e.w.s.


i will move on my life
i will move again to Selangor..
which area?

i'm still confuse..
i hv bad feelings/thought..
i'm afraid that i might regret later
not enough budget!
i will miss my family.

final decision on Sunday..
if not, i will stay here in my hometown!!
oh gosh

Thursday, October 21, 2010


i noe u r happy..
with or without me..
y bother..
so just live ur life!!
just go ahead..just leave!!
no turning back..
no regrets!!

not at all..
just dunno how to get rid of u from my life!!
u r so stubborn rite..
me too..
+ve versus -ve = -ve
i won!!
i'm negetive!!
do i care..
cak..cak..cak lah!!


before! maybe in September
[ vibration ]
message in!
"the truth is aku rindu ko..hmm"

English translation [ haha ]
"the truth is i miss u..hmm"

a few hours ago
[ vibration ]
message in!
"tetiba terasa rndu kt k0.hmm"

English translation [ haha ]
"Suddenly i miss u.hmm"

So the conclusion is...
very sweet word
sorry talk to the hand!!
pity u!!

evil daus!!
hell yeah~


u broke my heart again!!
it's happen so many times..
this is my punishment!!
maybe i'm deserve it!!
yup bcoz i'm such an idiot..
always believe in u!!
always blinded by ur sweet word!!
i extremely hate myself for
being so fucking nice!!
i can't do anything..
cause that's me!!
i was born with that attitude!!
it will happen again and again untill my last breath!!
it's hurt, very hurtful!!
but what can i do!!
just live my life as usual..
pretending nothing happen..
smiling to the world!!
i'm strong and i will stay strong!!
and u can just get fucking out from my head!!

j.u.s.t. l.e.a.v.e.~!

neither love nor hate

i can't said that because
everything just fading away..
deep inside of my heart i still care!!
but sometimes we have to let it go..
i noe its not take some times!
but we have to face the reality..
Sometimes i myself confuse with my action!!
i dunno if my action is right or wrong!!
whether its good or bad..
i still carry on with it!!
what shud i do? follow my heart?
this relatioship produce more pain than happiness!
so no need to keep it!!
in the end both side will happy..
no argue, no fighting!!
just blame me for everything.. =)
i'm weak!! i'm very bad person!!
i'm asking u nicely, please leave!!
just leave.!

Thursday, October 14, 2010


i think it's been 2 week I'm not on9!
i don't have internet bad!
I just stay at home 24/7
i've been watching Commonwealth game most of the time..
so exciting...! but sometimes can be
annoying!! sakit hati!! hehe

Lost contact with outside world..
'katak bawah tempurung'
what's happen to me..
to my life!! it's SUCKs!
i'm just lost myself!!
i can be classified as O.K.U
disable man!! so irritating!

Luckily i still have the spirit
i still believe that someday
my life will turn to something 'extraordinary'
maybe..hope so!

whatever it is..
i want to donate my blood
sangap sial!!