Thursday, October 21, 2010

j.u.s.t. l.e.a.v.e.~!

neither love nor hate

i can't said that because
everything just fading away..
deep inside of my heart i still care!!
but sometimes we have to let it go..
i noe its not take some times!
but we have to face the reality..
Sometimes i myself confuse with my action!!
i dunno if my action is right or wrong!!
whether its good or bad..
i still carry on with it!!
what shud i do? follow my heart?
this relatioship produce more pain than happiness!
so no need to keep it!!
in the end both side will happy..
no argue, no fighting!!
just blame me for everything.. =)
i'm weak!! i'm very bad person!!
i'm asking u nicely, please leave!!
just leave.!

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