Wednesday, September 16, 2009

2.5.t.h. R.A.M.A.D.H.A.N.~!!

Yes finally i woke up in the afternoon at 1.10 p.m!! Unfotunately today wimax not functionable! i dunno y?? maybe da satelite was exploded!! hahaa.. So i plan to b'buka puasa wit my frens.. hmm unfortunately he's bz!! he said he has its ok..all dis while..after 4 years be fren, we never breaking fasting together-gether!! and dis year its happened again..maybe its our fate..!!

So, i want or not i have to break fasting wit my housemate...we went to bazar Pandan Indah Ampang Jaya.. i bought Nasi Ayam Hainan, Popia Basah, Kebab Ayam & Air tembikai!! all together rm10.50! haha well i never woke up to sahur eat all in da nite b4 sleeping..hehe..

k la..i hv 2 post 4 two entry bcoz of stupidess wimax!! what a !!!!

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