Monday, September 7, 2009

18.t.h. R.A.M.A.D.H.A.N.~!!

Today is my off day which mean i can wake up late in the afternoon but unfortunately i got stomach ache! So i wake up early in the morning, 9 a.m something to "cherry berry"...arghh still in the morning, coz i thought today i'm gonna wake up at 12 or 1 p.m...i have a problem which is i can't continue sleep after i woke up! i switch on my Wimax and Laptop...i dunno what to do.. it still early...Later i will washing my dirty cloths..and staying at my room for hours playing poker palace..i aslo think of going 2 cinema watching final Destination 4...but i remember dat my housemate planning to watch it next week b4 we all gone back to our Kampung for Raya!! Saying bout raya festive, i'm planning to buy so many thing such as Baju Melayu, 2 or 3 of shirts, 1 or 2 of pants...2 shoes...1 cardigan...1 bag! but when i do the calculation i hv to spend about rm700++!! So i decided to cut some of the things...maybe i only buy Baju Melayu & shoes only! Enough for the 1st money in the bank! Really hope someone will sponsor me...hahaa...hmm dis all for this mornin'..i'll continue back later...i wish u all "HAPPY FASTING".. May ALLAH Bless U!

p/s:- give me some opinion bout my Baju Melayu Color...??

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