Thursday, October 1, 2009


why sometimes u ok..
n sometimes u not??
i sumtimes confuse..
what shud i do..what shud i think..?
are u series..or juz playing around..
dun give fake hope..

i dun force u..if u dun like
juz say it..dun pretend!!
juz end it..
i noe u r gud people..
maybe u juz try to be nice by not hurting me..
but its ok..i'm ok wit that if u juz str8 2 the point..
no need to take care of my feeling..
its u..its urself..
& u decide..
rather than i feel u r cheating on me..
it's better u be honest..

well i'm glad wit u sometimes..
maybe we need some space..
so i decided not to find u at this moment
except u start 1st..
dun worry..
i'm ok whatever ur decision!!

btw have a nice day..


countess_anne said...

i dunno who u talk about, and i dont even know what it is actually about.. but if it between u and a girl u like.. but then, mybe u just not try harder enaugh.. mybe it seem to her that u r the one playing around, maybe she also wondering if it is for real.. do u feel the same.. if this blog related to AT ONE TIME then, u should just sms.. dont hope dont wait, but make a move.. because if it a girl, she might think that guy is the one who suppose to act first.. show her ok.. im your frens, and i know u.. you r better than who u think u are.. and hope to see u happy.. no matter who you with.. so, make your move ma dear.. hope to hear good news from you soon... =)

- mista dausz - said...

hmm secret admirer

no lahhh..
kwn2 jerk..
kejap ok kejap k.o
so k.o laa...

countess_anne said...

ade lak cmtu.. huhuhu u kne la berusaha skit, ok... so tell me, who's that lucky girl??? hehehehe

- mista dausz - said...

no lah..
nothing personal juz business

xde gurl2 lah..
i'm alone & single..
but not available..
ok x??