Saturday, October 3, 2009

A.t. o.n.e. t.i.m.e.~!!

hv u feel like dis
want 2 msj ur frens..
u type msj
u delete back..
u type msj
u didn't send..??

hv u feel like dis..
want to greet ur frens
but u shy
want to chit chat
but u dun hv an idea...

so if u do..i understand..
coz i also like dat..
i dunno why..

maybe we scared they think wrongly!
( misinterpret our intention )
maybe we afraid they might not replying..
( bz, not credit, bla3 )
maybe we actually not close enough...
( we think we close but vice versa )
maybe we only want to be fren wit them..
(clap one hand??)

so many maybe's
so what shud we do??


countess_anne said...

well... i do felt like this..
it is true that i felt afraid, because what if he didnt reply, what if he reply but not as like what i expected, what if he felt afraid too??? to many what if..
but the reason that i still send those msg i evber send, even the msg look ridiculous or nonsense, it is ok.. because at that one time, i wnat he to think of me.. that i want to be his friend, i want to get close.. i want to get to know him better.. maybe he didnt realise it now. or just ignore it. but i do hope at sometime he will acknowledge and do the same for me.. so my advise is, if u ever want to msg anyone and u felt like that, do not, just send those msg, because even if how late your frens reply, but on the time your frens read your msg, it take both of u a litlle closer. just wrote anything, even it is ridiculous, but with just one msg u sent, your frens will know that u r thinking of them too.. just do it my dear... ok

- mista dausz - said...

panjang nye comment..