Tuesday, November 18, 2008

i. r.e.a.l.i.z.e.~!!

i woke up dis morning..and suddenly i realize
how stupid i am thinking bout some other people
dat never think bout me...!
y should i concern bout them while they
never care bout me...
but all dat attitude comes naturally
i juz cant avoid it..
i do care bout some people..
u noe i'm very positive in frenship..
i willing do everything except da bad one la..
for da name of frenship..
unfortunately they only using me..
they treat me like rubish..
when they need my help they will call or sms...
but when they dun need me they juz ignore me..
i feel like i'm such a fool~!!
i juz dun understand y they like dat...
i give frenship but they give me shit..
i'm sorry but now i'm not gonna let them
using me again...like what i post b4 dis
"what u give u get back"..
damn u~!!!


countess_anne said...

yeah... i agree you shouldnt think about others who dont think about you... just think of me... hahahahahahahaha

epullani said...

wei da ade blog bukan nye nak bg taw aku...
apo la...