Sunday, May 10, 2009


i hv learn something today..dis is all bcoz of my experience in frenship! Based on my experience, I realize dat, one person dat we love was never supposed to let us down probably will someday! it's hard to face dis situation, it will hurt our feeling too! We will cry bcoz time is passing too fast & we might lose someone dat we luv! In the end, we will blame our ownself! So da conclusion is dun luv someone special no matter he/she is ur best frenz or lover 101%, so dat u won't hurt at last if they leave u! Maybe ~ wallahualam!!

p/s:- Unfortunately i've give everything & now i am suffering bcoz of ur changes~!! thanx ;)

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epullani said...

ya,, orang y paling dsayangi adalah y paling susah d fahami.. dan akan menjadi musuh y nyata...

get ready