Saturday, November 14, 2009


Silent is better??
are u agree or not...??
For me it depends on situation..
maybe sometimes we need to voice out..
maybe sometimes we have to silent!

But in my case silent can't solve problems..
it's make the problem become worst!
or should i said some relationship will far apart!
and it will bring some misunderstanding
bcoz of no communication..

So think twice before silent..
face the problem would be the best advice i can give..
voice out what u dun satisfied..
ask for changes or whatever that make u happy
rather than u keep silent...
Until when u want 2 be like dat...??
ok...think properly..


epullani said...

amat setuju dengan kata2 anda itu.. hehehe

- mista dausz - said...

tp klu da ego..
ego jugak..
so lantak la..
kita b'lwn je kn..