Sunday, June 20, 2010


19 JUNE 2010
was my 24th besday~
Every year is different,
Actually i dont celebrate my birthday !
In my whole life, as i remember
i used to celebrate my birthday 2 times only..
during my childhood 1 time and then after spm
( combine party with my classmate who born in JUNE )
For me birthday party is nothing compare to spend time with family & friends!
=))This year birthday, during waiting 12 o'clock in the midnight
i was sleeping beauty due to long journey
from Kuala Lumpur to Kuantan..
damn tired!
In the morning of my birthday, i check my phone to see
who wish me Happy Birthday..
I'm so shock & excited bcoz i don't expect
from this two person wish me..
one is my friend that i know in short time..( continue frens in FB )
2ND is my classmate but now he is an actor/model
( well famous people like him wish me?? besides we rarely contact each other)
that so surprising!
and in the afternoon one by one birthday msg coming..
Thanks for those who wishing me..

And at 10 o'clock.44 minute .18 second
one msg coming wishing me Happy Birthday..
this person supposed to be the first person wish me bcoz he is my Best Friend
( don't you think so?? ) hahaha...
obviously you want revenge rite..bcoz during your besday
i'll be the last person who wish you happy birthday..haha
i'm not doing it by purpose...
i'm juz being different..
bcoz every year i always be among the earlier one..maybe the 1st one!
boring! haha
but its ok i dont mind at all bcoz i know
you always remember my birthday..
THANK YOU.. ( where my present?? )

Ok la..btw during my birthday i spend time at Teluk Chempedak!
Eating Choco Top 2 times (hehehe... McD )
ok that so DAUS..

ngan kerol staff aku time keje lu