Saturday, August 21, 2010


1. What is your name and nickname?
- Mohd Nur Firdaus bin Mohd Zamri @ daus!

2. How old are you?
- 24

3. Gender?
- Male

4. Most like! ( 1 Only )
i. Food
- Curry Mee

ii. Drink
- Ice Lemon

iii. Color
- White

iv. Part of Body
- My Cock..hahaha ;p

5. Most dislike! ( 1 only )

i. Animal
- i HATE rat!

ii. Car
- proton juara! oppss

iii. Artist
- **********

6. Which one u prefer & y?

( Male Section! if female skip this Q!)

i. Boxer or Underwear!
- Boxer and Underwear..hahaha! I Like to wear both, cannot choose lol~

( Female Section! if male skip this Q!)

ii. Panties or G-string!

( Both Section )

iii. Toyota or Honda!
- Honda, gorgeous!

iv. Bali or Phuket!
- Bali bcoz Indonesia! mudah ngomong kali!

v. KFC or McDonald!
- KFC! Love the chicken! nyum nyum

vi. Perodua or Proton!
- Proton! more options than Perodua

vii. Miami or L.A!
- Miami coz near the beach!

7. Do you

i. Smoking?
- Nop

ii. Alcoholic?
- Nop

iii. Drug Addict?
- Nop

iv. Having Sex?
- Nop

8. Do you

i. Have gf or bf? Who is she/he?
- yes, die already! hahaha ( Single lol )

ii. Have best friend? Do i know him/her?
- Not yet discover! hahaha.. Maybe!

iii. play music?
- Guitar...lalala

iv. Handsome or Beautiful!
- Ugly!

9. Your Music Genre?
- All kind of music as long as nice to listen!

10. Your Ambition when u in standard 1!
- Forget already! Maybe a doctor!

11. If someone asking u to do something outrageous! You?
- Will consider! If having sex, i would! hahaha

12. If u a billionaire, you?
- I love kids so i will use the money to help them especially the orphan!

13. Your Opinion about this questionaire?
- bullshit! haha~

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