Monday, February 9, 2009

B.l.o.o.d. D.o.n.a.t.i.o.n!

I have 5 times going thru blood donation..i'm telling dis not to proud or praise myself..but to share wit u my experience donate blood..Donate blood is the most exciting thing for me bcoz we noe dat blood donation is among the dignify thing we do..we help people! Beside dat my blood type is O..dis type of blood is more useful coz everyone can use it...Not everyone hv the courage to donate blood..too many excuses they give..well we can't force people rite..Maybe some of people out there can't donate due to his/her condition such as weight & etc! But here i want to share wit u..blood donation will not cause u any pain! juz relax, cool n take it easy..but 1 thing worried me a lot..coz they said blood donation will cause u fat! Ohh gosh i think its really happen.. compare myself before & after 5 times blood donation..hahaha.. after donation, i feel so hungry.. haha..So da conclusion is..if u hv the time go n donate ur blood...& u will hepy coz u noe ur blood will help some people dat need it...I'm not forcing u..but do try even though its juz ur 1st time & last time...Juz try & get experience! U wont regret.. Ok :D


badek_gonzalez said...

aku sukeeee!!
hope dpt ikot jejak langkah mendrmema mu itu nnt!

- mista dausz - said...

try la..
xkn xpenah kot??
bdn da ada..

epullani said...

ini bilenye tahun kau menderme nh wei...?

mesti banyak pack kan kau derma...l

epullani said...

bile nye taun nkaw derma darah nh yob?

- mista dausz - said...

tahun lpas 2008 kot..
tah la yeop..
aku mau derma lg..
tp xde plak dgr advertisement..
mls eden nk hospital..