Saturday, February 14, 2009

P.e.op.l.e C.h.a.n.g.e.!

“people are change” Undeniable it’s true; it’s fucking true.. Maybe not all, but certain people in this fucking world… People around me are change especially da one dat I care.. It’s so painful when someone dat we noe turn to someone dat we dunno?? I feel lose…y u change?? Where u get da fucking strength to change? I hv face dis situation so many times.. And I juz can’t bear it anymore... It’s too much~! No matter what I do, what I give its just seems not enough… I dunno whether u noticed it or not... But ur changes hurt me so badly~! I noe u was looking 4 the best in ur life… I’m not stopping u…I juz want u to be fair... But ur attitude towards me is juz so fucking unacceptable And ur changes makes my life miserable... the worst part is I'm still da same~!! Hmm ;(

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