Saturday, August 8, 2009

D.a.y.a.n.a.'.s W.e.d.d.i.n.g.~!!


2nd August 2009

Melaka Bandaraya Bersejarah

X-KPTM Ipoh Students with Pengantin ( Bride )

A part of friends came on dat day..

- Nuar da video man..

Dayana with "Mak Andam" and
Misz Meera as "Pengapit Pengantin

Pengantin Arrived at what time...
i'm not so sure lorr..!

Nabil & Nuar with Hamid Gurka ( Comedian Actor )

- Credit to : mistadausz as da photographer..hahaah

Pengantin ( Dayana ) with Misz Meera..!

Me at the "Pelamin"

- Bajek Hot..hahaa

Candid picture by Abang Nabil...haha..

- what a buncit... ;(

There's a few more pictures dat i will upload later due 2 technical problem..cewah ( xdpt lg gmbr tu..pd photographer lain)...t la...btw sorry lmbt post...Malas! hahaha

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~Rein~ said...

sorry beb~ xdpt nk attend this ceremony..
that time ada tugasan lain..
well~alhamdulillah.selamat rakan kita d'ijabkabul..
rindu kt cik nabil ngn ko mantoOOoop!!