Thursday, August 20, 2009


Ramadhan has comeback..jeng! jeng! jeng! =) Some of the people happy & excited to "puasa" but some of the people "taw2 sndiri aja lah"...most funny before ramadhan people start talking about "Hari Raya" even fasting month not yet start...hahaha..including me..! For me, ramadhan help me in my diet...hopefully, my weight lost 10kg..hahaha...The most important we Fullfill the 3rd "Rukun Islam" so may dis month brings u all a lot of happiness and prosperity...Here i juz want 2 wish u all..

"Hepi Fasting Month - May ALLAH bless u all =) !"

Btw dis ramadhan, i "puasa" by my own self without my family...hmm xdpt makan masakan mak..


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