Sunday, September 26, 2010


i dunno what my blog viewers think about me
when they read my blog entry..
sometimes i feel ashamed..talking bullshit!!
maybe they assume me as a crazy man that
so obsess towards friendship!!
i want to ask u
its that necessary for me to take others point of view?
i do concern bout my blog readers!
but sometimes i just don't care, i have to be ignorance!
i already inform this blog is the way to express my feeling..
to voice out whatever in my thought!! to share my life experience..
or shud i make this blog privacy?
only inviting person can read my blog??
hmm shud i?
but whatever it is i will still share my life story
whether its sweet or bad!!
dat's so me~ DAUS!!

p/s : ahh whatever it is i DON'T care!! huhuhu

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