Monday, November 22, 2010

C.l.a.r.i.f.i.c.a.t.i.o.n. 2~!

I know lately my blog entry was so emotional .
And maybe some of you might think that i am NEGATIVE !
or my blog were so irritating and bored to read !
What can i do . I cannot satisfied everyone !
But I do appreciate all the viewers .
even with or without any comments
Please visit me again .

OK however i want you to know my real self !
FOr those who know me inside and outside ,
they know how strong i am . How positive i am !
How dedicated i am ! How crazy i am .
How HANDSOME i am ! oppss HAHAHA !
You know what 'i'm not SUPERHERO' . i'm NOT alien !
i'm just normal human being that have pure heart ! [ ahakz ]
So as normal human being sometimes i'm OK .
Sometimes i'm NOT !
but whenever i'm sad or mad i never show it .
I just keep it deep inside of my heart .
I dissemble my feeling :)

Thru blogging i can share and write anything !
i don't think it is wrong to express my feeling !
i have the rights to write anything as long as
i'm not doing something against the law !
U noe what i mean !
For me blogger is a space for me to share |
to communicate | to inform | etc !
I love writing | I love blogging |
I'm just being myself !

OK - hope you all understand !
and once again TYVM to all viewers !
Enjoy Reading !

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