Friday, January 2, 2009


Today Story~!

Today is juz another day..nothing special..As usual wake up..on9..watching t.v..eating..& bla3x

Suddenly my cousin arrived at 6 o'clock..So unexpected~! Lepaking + watching Raja Lawak Season 1 (finale)..recorded ok..Astro Maxx..for half an hour...then at 6.30 p.m..he ask me company him to "Pasar Malam".. so i follow him..the "Pasar Malam" was not too far..juz take 5 minutes from my house if jalan kaki.. but td we go by car...too fast too furious la.. hahaa...then tawaf 1 psr malam & buy food++...& balik..

Continue mom prepared "Tea Tarik" + makan...makan...and makan... after dat he tell me dat he want 2 go..jalan² kat town...( Megamall ) he ask me 2 follow i go la.. my younger brother also ikut us... then we jalan² in Megamall.. belek² baju...dvd's & etc...And i ask them 2 belek² baju at Parkson we go there..Parkson Ria kat underground la..hahaa..afta jln² in Parkson.. i stopped at SODA outlet belek² lg..i find 1 bj dat attract me to buy...hehe...after a few minutes of thinking..i make a decision 2 buy dat cloth ~ almaklum la xde wit.. kene la pk 1ox..silap aribulan aku yg merana...hahaa...luckily dat baju hv 50% discount From RM59.00 jd RM29.50... so ok la..afta buy dat baju we go 2 WATSON 2 buybody stuff such as deodorant n bla..bla..bla... then finally he sent me arini aktiviti gak la.. x la boring sitting at home 24/7 kn... + rainy all da here da baju ~ saja nk tunjuk..hahaa.. ;D

A part of da design..V neck..
1st new baju of dis year

look at da Harga ~ 50% discount la..


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countess_anne said...

friend.. i wont be around like always starting today.. but just to keep remind.. i always remember you and always there for you when you need me.. in fact what a friend for right.. live your life to the fullest ok.. be happy.. and please
b s u r s i c u b 4

your friend who always love u,