Sunday, January 4, 2009


i'm looking 4 something...something dat will make my life cheerful...but what is dat? ( not including my family ya ) they will owez be on my top in my heart.."Air Dicincang Takkan Putus"....hmm besides family...frenz & lover also can cheer up our life...rite?

Am i looking 4 a girlfriend?? nopp la..but sometimes i think i should find someone dat will fullfil my empty heart...dat will give love dat i need...attention...etc! Unfortunately i'm not ready 2 face da 'World of Love' have a's too complicated...its lot of's need a lot of commitments...especially 24/7 sms-ing ++ calling² annoying...for dis time being single is much better..maybe..! i'm not so sure bout dis..hmm so confusing...make me dizzy think bout love..juz look around example is my frenz...couple for 3 4 years finally broke up?? y? what a waste..! dats y i rarely talk bout luv...b'coz its so subjective...different people different opinion...& dis matter can make u fight wit ur frenz..for me..dun bother urself...!

so if not a girlfren then what am i looking 4? yeah i'm looking 4 "Persahabatan Sejati"...but where? Are 'True friendship' exist?? it's not easy 2 find someone dat sincerely accept me they way i am...inside & outside...sharing everything...dat really need me like i need 'isi dgn kuku'..i prefer my 'BFFL' were male cause it more easy 2 communicate & sharing...if female better she be my gf lorr...hahaa..i am wondering if i can find someone dat hv da same common wit me...i'm not hoping 4 da best or da perfect one...i juz hope dat he will be there when i was hepy..sad.. worries..pain & can do anything together-gether such as shopping, camping.. travelling & etc..i will treat him nicely...I''ll give my very best..And i hope he will treat me NICELY too & FAIRLY if he have a girlfrenz...but if he is single it would be much better...coz i dun hv 2 help him in luv matter...haha...As a conclusion...i really hope someday i will find someone dat sincere to be ma 'BFFL'...n befriend smpai ke surga..huuhu ;D......if other people praising LOVE but for me FRIENDSHIP is more valueable..! daa~

p/s:- i dun care if u think i'm too much about dis~! none of ur bisnes..juz shut ur fucking mouth!!

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countess_anne said...

in my own opinio... you need a girlfren... i think u want one.. but bcoz of certain negative thought and certain problem.. you denied the eelingof your own... by the way.. only you know the truth.. i just interpreting.. if im wrong fogive.. but if i right.. thats ok.. follow your heart and dont make it complicated ok..