Tuesday, January 6, 2009


hmm it's been for 6 month i'm jobless..luckily da 4 month i still get mara allowance so i dun bother not working...but now i'm very worried coz no more mara allowance...so i hv to find a job 2 support my expenses...hmm i've been searching for a job through paper..internet & survey around da city...in november i got 1 interview in government sector as Office Boy..i dun care the position..as it is goverment..so i get experience being interview by the director of Tourism Malaysia Kuantan Branches..& 2 others assistant..unluckily i dun get the job...maybe too many competitors..u noe how hard to get working in government..?? I also get called from Majlis Perbandaran Kuantan but not for interview but for 'Interview Qualification Test'..if i success the test, they will call for interview...but until now there is noe news from MPK..i think i fail the test coz too many question i couldn't answer...hahaa..General Question ma..about olympic, minister, place..computer & essay..furthermore there are 100++ candidate! Now i get one more interview for Executive IT position..2morrow i will go to the office..private sector! hmm i hope i get the job...if not i dunno where else i need 2 find a job..maybe i go interview for cashier in super market lorr..i gain money 1st then make a move to Kuala Lumpur to find another better job.. if Allah willing la...hmm

Actually i do want to further study..i already applying UITM & uniKL but unfortunately my application being rejected by UITM..maybe i'm not clever enough...but uniKL do except my application...unluckily da letter from uniKL arrived a litle bit late...i was in KL at the moment for 4 days so i dun hv enough time to settle dat borang...coz da due date was 25.12.2008...so i've make a big decision to postponed my study 1st & find a job...maybe dis year i'll try to apply study at UPM...i hope i will more lucky in dis application....but for dis time being i need 2 find a job 1st..orite please pray for me keh...hahaa..

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