Monday, January 12, 2009

T.r.u.e. F.r.i.e.n.d~!

What is da meaning of friends? Do we need friends at all? In my observation, everyone in dis world, we can call friends rite? As long as we noe them even in one day only. Maybe we meet them by coincidence!

Friends come & go everyday…Friends will leave us when they discover a new one or when they have bf/gf…Friends will find us when they are alone…Friends also stab us from behind…Friends are like shirt ~ we change it everyday!

In Friendship, honest & loyalty are most important! For me I don’t need a friend in this world…I just need a person dat I can call him True Friend!

True Friend will never leave us….True Friend never betrays us…they always with us in any situation whether good or bad…True Friend will always stand by your side…True Friend are permanent! we can’t change them, we cannot find them everyday! True Friend is forever.

No matter how many your friends, True Friend are most valuable…its better we have 1 True Friend rather than 1000 000 friend! So appreciate your True Friend ;)

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