Friday, January 16, 2009


Promises? Sweet word? What's da point of promises or sweet word if it mean to be broken?? B'coz of your promises, sweet word, i am suffering a lot...i dunno why each time we noe someone & get close, no matter in friendship or love..we owez give promises & sweet word..but why after a years or more u broke da promises? u forget ur sweet word? Even worst those who still hold da promises? still remember da sweet word? what will happen to them? yezz it so damn hurt! Bcoz of dis fucking promises, it will cause depression to the one who not guilty , the one who still believe da promises! It is hard 2 forget everything dat hv been share together...the life we had! Maybe for those who broke da promises, they easy get new substitute..while them happily wit da new one we are miserable thinking of what happen ~ thinking of da sweet memory ~ thinking of them! But what about us dat still hold da promises? how cruel they are! what's the point of giving hope while u can't hold poor i poor for those who still hold da promises? we are in the same boat! Most worst part is we can't erase the's not dat easy! what shud we do? how long we gonna hold dis promises? hmm maybe we will never forget them 4 da whole life! how "fair" dis life is.. ;(

p/s:-thanx 4 da sweet memory ~ thanx 4 da promises & da sweet word! thanx 4 broke it ;)

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countess_anne said...

erm... no comment.... but manusia is not perfect...