Tuesday, January 6, 2009

W.e. A.r.e. T.o.o. B.l.a.m.e!!

afta all dis years..afta what have we been through...i hv nothing to say..I may have failed but i admit frenz like u are impossible to find...ya so impossible!! U r too nice & kind... Unfortunately something happened...In the end, i am loss coz losing u...yeah it's hurt...but what can i do? everything is over! i dunno what else will makes us back together as frenz... dunno! coz both of us so stubborn ~ maybe! & We are too blame!! But U r da one who neglecting this friendship~! I'm not accusing u but dis is da causes of our broken friendship!! Like u said I'm too obsess (really?)! if it's true my obsession won't hurt u...it will be a bonus 2 u...U r lucky 2 hv me dat really care bout u...maybe it's not enough! For me our friendship is da most VALUABLE thing in dis world! but i dunno ur side..maybe i'm worthless?? who knows? if possible to us to get back & rebuild dis friendship again, i dun mind coz I'm still da same person u've known b4 dis...& i hope u change the way u treat me! or else we never regain dis friendship anymore ~ never! If there is no chances to rebuild dis friendship, i'll try to accept my fate! But one thing for sure i will never forget u coz we are like isi & kuku...u r juz like my brother to me! How can i ignoring our friendship dat hv maintain over 3 years! So whatever it is i wish u gud luck & hepy owez! thanks for everything..thanks 4 da friendship...daa~!!

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