Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Q & A~!

Q: Which language dat u prefer to use to write dis blog??
A: Depends! But most of da time English lorr..yeah!

Q: Why u prefer Eng. rather than B.M?
A: Dis is day way 2 improve ma Eng.
i noe dat i'm not perfect in Eng. but i'm trying..
dats y i prefer English rather than BM

Q: Are u not afraid of others laughing at u
bcoz of ur broken Eng.?
A: Sometimes ya ~ but i rather not to care bout
what others people think
I am learning & will owez learning in da future,
so what's da point of being ashamed ~ huh??

Q: There's anyone influence u in ur writing?
A: Yeah of coz la ~ she juz a normal person in myspace!
Her writing is awesome! (Myspace Blog)

Q: What does make u think dat her blog is awesome?
A: Hmm ~ the way she present da blog, the content &
especially her Eng. Perfect kot!

Q: Besides BM & Eng..which language u wants 2 learn?
A: I wish i could learn Cantonese & Spanish (Mexico)
language ~ can or not?? hahaa

Q: Why you prefer dis two language??
A: I like 2 watch Hong Kong & Mexico ( Latino ) dramas!
Probably go on tour to their country..ahakz²!

Q: Can u write some word (Cantonese & Spanish ) that u noe..?
A: Hmm Cantonese cannot la...coz it's hard 2 spell in
Alphabet but easy 2 pronounce! yea ;p
Spanish = Hola, como estás? Estoy bien, y tú? Muchas graciás!

Q: Where did u learn all those word?
A: By watching their drama on tv lorr~! But Cantonese,
i do learn from my Chinese frenz...&
sometimes i even speak Cantonese with them...hahaa..

p/s: I create all dis Q & i'm juz trying different way 2 deliver my point! if u want 2 use dis Q & A juz copy it ok ~ i dun mind ;D


countess_anne said...

i love this Q&A... best lorr... huhuhu u got good point for it.. erm... is the "she " u wrote i this Q&A is da same person that u fall for?? hahaha just asking....

- mista dausz - said...

ish no lorr..
i dun even noe her..
juz by coincidence only..
she's not dat beautifull..
hahaha..but 4 sure she's intelligent!

epullani said...

so i need 2 speking2 with u la yew...

i skipping...

by d way this da good way how 2 improove ur english...
i will support 2...
we need 2 support each other...

- mista dausz - said...

not la epul..
speak melayu pown acceptable la..

juz when i'm writing ma blog la..
i prefer english
so i can improve..

yez of coz
i'll support u..
u such a nice fren..

countess_anne said...

nak join da group la gak.. wakakaka it isnt for if it just both of you je yang nk improve english... wakakakak

- mista dausz - said...


xphm (",)??