Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Muhamad Nur Faiz Bin Mohd Zamri

Faiz @ Izz / 6 years old

His pic playing 'Counter Strike'

i dunno which title would be suitable for dis i put influence..At 1st i want 2 put modernity, or new era as da title but i think it more 2 if u read dis u decide urself which one u prefer or u give me another title... ok! hahaha... So, here i want 2 share u about my younger brother name faiz who is 6 years old dis year..The story is, he start playing computer when he was in 4 or 5 years old...& what is most shocking about dis is, he is playing 'Counter Strike' & a few other games..such as 'Hamster Ball', 'Bus Driver' & etc... i dunno what u think..but for me it's quite impressive! Compare 2 me, during my childhood! I played 'galah panjang', & different..i noe dis is new era..era of technology..but what da effect to him in da future?? Is dat good influence or bad influence? I noe there are advantages & disadvantages... Luckily he owez seek ma permission to play computer..if i forbid him, he will cry! sometimes i persuade him to watch tv especially his fav. cartoon 'Hagemaru'...but not everytime i 'b'jaya' persuade him! Furthermore he can opened the computer of his what shoul i do? is dis gud for him or not? what do u think..? but sometimes i played 2gether-gether wit him..haha..for dis meantime it's ok lorr, coz i can control him..if one day..i move out from my house? i'm afraid dat he will lazy 2 study in da future bcoz too focus playing computer tepuk dada sakit kot! ngok ngek tul..hahaaa..

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